Setting Roots Birth Services

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.



What is a doula? A doula is a trained professional that provides emotional support, comfort measures, information sharing and advocacy for mom and family before, during and after birth. The doula's purpose is to support women to have a safe and empowering birthing experience.

My clients have described me as a birthing project manager, the "labor day" event planner, “the coach,” and their personal labor assistant. My role and duties change with each birth.  Since I am focused on you, your needs define my role as your doula.  This means that you will determine what role I will play at the birth of your child.



Does having a doula diminish my partner's role? Absolutely not! As a doula, my focus is to enhance the experience for both mom and partner. I work with families prenatally to get an idea of how your partner wants to be involved and then facilitate that level of involvement throughout the labor and birth. Having a doula present often enhances the experience for the birth partner because they are not shouldering the whole load of supporting mom.



Do moms that plan on getting an epidural need a doula? Absolutely! An epidural can be a great tool for pain management but there are still many sensations/discomforts that will be experienced. A doula can help mom work through those and remain as comfortable as possible. Your doula can also help with things like effective positioning and pushing techniques that are specific to moms with epidurals in addtion to post-delivery support and care.



What if my baby is born by cesarean? As your doula, I can help you and your partner navigate the often complex process surrounding a cesarean birth and medical procedure.  I will hold the space for your family, reminding everyone involved that birth is a deeply important experience, not simply a medical event, even if/when medical care is involved. I can also help post-surgery, ensuring that your experience and recovery are as gentle as possible.



Does a doula provide medical care? No, doulas do not perform clinical tasks or exams and do not replace medical care providers. Our focus is the emotional health of mother, her birth companion and baby.



Does a doula make decisions on our behalf? No, a doula does not make decisions for clients or intervene in their medical care. I will provide informational and emotional support and make sure you and your partner have the information you need to make informed decisions every step of the way.



What birth locations have you worked with? I’ve attended births at most hospitals in San Diego county as well as a number of free-standing birth centers and home births. 



Can you take photos during the labor and/or birth? Of course! I'm happy to snap a few photos on your cell phone, and I also offer full birth photography packages for those families who want to ensure that their labor and birth experience is captured on film.